PV Wolf Creek and issues with MOD Folder Switcher


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Good Morning, so I have been having issues downloading Wolf Creek. The Mod Switcher Folder keeps locking up and I have to ALT F4 to close it. The app does not seem to ever work after I ALT F4 it because it says the files are synced immediately and does not try to finish downloading. Last night I had to uninstall the switcher and reinstall to get it to try to update, woke up this morning and after 8 hours it still did not finish syncing wolf creek. Have any suggestions?


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Error: Failed to open xml file 'D:/FS22mods/fsl_all_mods_ls22/FS22_stoneMill/modDesc.xml
Delete the stone mill from your folder and resync your WolfCreek. Looks like you had a bad download